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Canvas Printing

Don’t forget your wonderful holiday too quickly, hang a full colour canvas and reminisce

Eye popping and beautiful photographs

Full colour digitally printed canvas

We cannot say that there are many uses for canvas printing, unless we are missing something but being Banners Online, we don’t think so. The main and pretty much only reason we print on it, is to reproduce your wonderful images whether you took them, bought them or digitally designed them. We are often asked what our canvas feels like, we think as if papyrus, vinyl, pvc and paper had offspring. Most commonly stretched around wooden frames, making it easy to hang and brightening up your walls with some great quality and delightful full colour printed canvas.

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“I just love putting small canvas prints of my kids all over the house. “
“I wanted to take my photography hobby to the next level and decided to go ahead and print some large photos on canvas for the office. “