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Cast Vinyl Printing

A bit of an extravagance for your child’s party but perfect for vehicle wrapping

The stretch me, squeeze me in vinyl

Wrap your vehicle and turn it into a driving billboard with a full colour printed cast vinyl

If you are not sure what cast vinyl printing is, you do not need it. This stuff is for the pros and is mainly used for vehicle wraps. Being a vinyl and getting cast in one flat roll, allows for this product to be heated, stretch and applied to bumps and dents. BannersOnline do not recommend that you try and wrap your vehicle by yourself. There are also various types of printed vehicle vinyl, for example you get bubble free, easy to apply and grey backed which are for the most part self explanatory as there names suggest.

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If you are not sure whether cast vinyl printing will suite your needs

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“Cast vinyl is the only product I use when wrapping my clients cars. “
“So much easier to apply to curved surfaces, and when you heat it and apply it to the indents it doesn’t pop out, cast vinyl makes my job better. “