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Contravision Printing

Sometimes called one way vision but I wouldn’t hide behind it

Look out, not in

From vehicle windows to building windows

Be like a government agency, well sort of, ok maybe not really, with contravision. Printed contravision is mainly used to advertised on windows, either vehicle or building. Also known as one way vision, it is a vinyl with small holes in. Being a vinyl it has an adhesive backing allowing for easy application to glass, even though we probably do still recommend a professional. Print some contravision and put it on the rear window of your car, this will allow you to still see the horrible traffic behind you but at least they will see your business advertising. Also great for shop or building windows, Banners Online can print it full colour which will make your business windows look great and will still let you see out. Wont block too much of the light either.

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“Got some one way vision vinyl printed with my company details on at BannersOnline and someone else applied it to the back window of my car for me, really looks cool and I can still see out the back.”
“I wanted to put something on my hairdressing shop windows but didn’t want to block all the light in the place, from the outside it looks great and from the inside we can all still see out. “