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Vinyl, PVC, Wall Paper, Contravision

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Full Colour digital printing

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Digital printing is similar to the process used by your inkjet desktop printer, which makes use of mulitple printheads laying down various colours pass by pass, either at the same time or at different time depending on where the colour is required in the print.

There are other printing processes used in the advertising world. Namely litho and silk screen printing, which main benefits are low costs on very large quantities. These processes get costlier the more colours you use. An example of litho printing would be newspapers and silk screen printing would be used for t-shirts. But since you are here on our BannersOnline website you don’t need to worry about all the technical mumbo jumbo, let us help you with your digital printing.

Vinyl, used for too many applications to fit in this blurb. Basically stickers large and small.

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Strong and durable. PVC is used for many occasions including birthday banners and billboards. 

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Canvas, originally used for painters but now we use it for printing your beautiful digital photos. 

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Layflat, part of the pvc family. When you need a non curl print. Often used for pull ups and x banners. 

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Wall Paper, liven up the office or bring some eye catching colour to your shop, home or restaurant.

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Contravision, also known as One Way Vision by some. Like vinyl with tiny holes in, for car and building windows. 

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Cast Vinyl is mainly used for vehicle wraps, used for its ability to be heated and stretched. 

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The first thing that comes to mind when printing on paper, is posters.

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BannersOnline Expert

We have answered some frequently asked questions regarding printing

We sure can, its up to you whether you want them or not.
There are some sizes that are more often used than others and we sometimes have specials on certain sizes. But the answer to that question is no, you can have any size you want.
Depending on the size you need, we sometimes have to join media’s to achieve the desired size. However once they are joined they are in one piece and strong like mother rus sia.
No, so you can have as many colours as you like. Go colour crazy.
Based on normal conditions, our inks should last up to 3 years out in the sun and still look good. We cannot however predict hurricanes and are no experts on global warming.
Using the latest in printing technology. Our printer does not use solvent ink therefore saving the environment. We use a latex printer which has no horrible smell and does not effect print quality.
The good old fashioned way, with paste and elbow grease. We prefer this way to the adhesive wall papers.
Yes, that is the idea. Advertise on the back of you car window and still see the traffic behind you, yay. Don’t completely block out the light in your shop by using this superb invention, on your windows. Watch the passers by while they check out the graphics.
Unless you are wrapping a car or applying vehicle graphics, the answer is more than likely no.


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