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Layflat Printing PVC

Also known as non curl pvc, because that’s its job

The straight and neat layflat printing PVC

You lie there straight and don’t move pvc or layflat and non curl please

Both simple and complicated to explain is layflat printing. If you are not sure whether you need printed layflat pvc, you probably don’t. It does what its named after, lies flat and the edges don’t curl. This non curl layflat media is part of the pvc family making it both strong and durable. Generally having a weight of 300 to 510gsm. Prints come out very nicely and this great media is mainly used for pull up banners, x-banners and hanging banners(the ones with an extrusion on the top and bottom).

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If you are not sure whether a layflat non curl pvc printing will suite your needs

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“I needed to replace the print in my pull up banner and this was the ideal stuff, colour looked great too. “
“We wanted to hang a banner from our shop ceiling but didn’t want the normal pvc so we used the non curl and it was a better option. “