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Perspex Printing

Digitally printed vinyl applied to perspex sheet

Quality Cast Acrylic

Yes Perspex is a type of that

Cast Acrylic also known as or referred to as Perspex, is a thermoplastic material used for perspex printing. There are many manufactures who make cast acrylic and just call it CompanyName cast acrylic however Perspex was one of the first and was trademarked many years ago. Thus, when people think or enquire about cast acrylic, they call it Perspex. Enough with the history lesson, here at BannersOnline we supply it in various thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm. It is not known to be the cheapest stuff on the planet but when you need it, you need it. We mainly use this printed rigid substrate for fancy displays or for lightboxes – so that the light can shine through. Another common use is 3d signage but unfortunately we do not do not, booo, we know. We use quality vinyl and original inks to make sure the print on your sheet looks great and lasts long.

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“We needed to spruce up our office walls so we got a wonderful vinyl printed applied to the center of a clear sheet, leaving a border around it. It was then installed onto the wall using brushed steel spacers. Wow, does it look great.”
“Its the only thing that works or we use for our light boxes, either clear or opal.”