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Pop Up Displays

A kind of, sort of … clever fabric pop up a-frame

It folds away into itself

A pop up banner from something so thin

A pop up displays banner is a clever new take on the classic a-frame. Has been around for a couple years but we just like to take note of its quirky character. We supply our pop up displays in a thin circular bag which in turn forms part of the base of the product. It is extremely light weight and is easy to setup and take down. Our pop up banners come in two sizes, a 1.6m x 0,72m and a 2m x 1m. Beautifully printed on a durable fabric, we also include pegs in the kit. We at BannersOnline are quite fond of our pop up a-frame banners.

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“We were so surprised at how compact this pop up was, we use it all the time and it makes for a great advertising asset when travelling.”
“You do need to get used to putting up and taking it down as it can pop up on you, overall it is a nice product. “