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Printed ABS Plastic

Digitally printed vinyl applied to plastic sheet

Perfect for Signage

Customers getting lost at your factory

Printed ABS plastic is a little less harsh than chromadek and works great for indoor signs however there is also no reason not to use it outdoors in the correct way. We supply our abs in various thicknesses but must mention that our standard and most common used thickness is 0.9mm thick. Whether you need small signs around the factory reminding people to wear there safety gear or are putting up a more permanent notice in your office, a printed abs plastic board will do the trick. A shiny full colour digital print will be applied to your abs board to gibe it your custom message.

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“Customers kept asking where the toilets were in our building, a few printed abs boards later and now the toilets find themselves.”
“We had to put up notices al over our warehouse so we decided to go ahead with the printed abs plastic 0.9mm thick an so far so good.”