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Full Colour Digitally Printed

Superior quality products

Custom Printed Products

They are all you would need, full colour digital printing

With so many printed products to choose from, how are you going to choose?… Well its fairly simple. All you need to do is decide on what you need it for and where you are going to be putting it. And if that doesn’t do the trick, just give us a shout and we will do our best to advise you.

All our printed products below come as a complete system, most of them are easy to setup, easy to take down and easily transportable. You may just need a few odds and ends to make them work best for you, nothing you couldn’t find at the local hardware store. The printing of all products is done the full colour digital print way. Some products are great for indoors, like our bannerwall and stretched canvas pictures. And some are great for outdoors, like our sharkfin flags, telescopic flags, gazebos and pop ups. Some are even great for indoor and outdoor advertising.

Indoors, outdoors. Golf day, race day … Any day. Get a sharkfin flag.

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This printed media bannerwall doesn’t need to stay in the same place. It folds down, is lightweight and easily transportable. Be a celebrity in front of your brand.

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You don’t want people to need a telescope to find your brand … get some telescopic flags. Full colour printed, great for indoors and outdoors too.

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Catch some rays but maybe not too many. Enjoy some shade under a custom printed gazebo. We include a guarantee on our quality frames.

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This clever product is great for self standing advertising. A Pop Up Banner will help you pop outdoors and in. Amazingly packs away into a small and slim bag.

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Let your inner photographer out… Hang up one of our beautifully printed stretched canvas frames with your pictures and brighten up your wall.

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A solid piece of advertising that has been around for the ages. A sturdy a-frame with  the possibility of changing the banners if you need.

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Sick and tired of your employees or people in general, ripping your posters off the wall?… Secure them in a snapper frame.

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You drive around all day, right?… Why not promote yourself or your business with a vehicle magnet and remove it whenever you want.

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Hide from the sun under a beautifully printed umbrella. Say no to rays and yes to your brand on an custom umbrella.

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Arc flags, sibling to the sharkfin flag and cousin of the telescopic flag. A happy in between and also a great option… Indoors and outdoors.

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Not just for car dealerships, hang some wonderfully printed pvc bunting at your party or office… or pretty much wherever.

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Choose Nature’s Best Indoor and Out Advertising

We use a latex printer which comprises of a water based ink, doing our best to preserve the environment

Digitally printing with a latex printer is similar to printing with other digital printers, just better ofcourse. The inks are just mainly water based compared to harmful solvent inks. Latex inks are cured in the printing process which makes the ink adhere to the medias just as well as solvent inks if not better.

Don’t be put off by the word water based inks, this is great news for you our customers. Our prints are bright and will last a good deal of time out in the sun. We only use original inks and thus make sure you get the best quality prints, every time. Come past our office anytime if you would like to see it in action.


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