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Umbrella Printing

You will look cool under a nice, custom umbrella

Under my custom Umbrella

Full colour printed with your brand

Whether you own a small coffee shop or a large restaurant, we are sure your customers will love sitting under some shade especially on those roasting summer days. And if they are sitting under a printed umbrella, why not make sure the umbrella printing is of your brand. Our umbrella’s only come in one size and that is 2m wide and they stand about 2.4m high. A nice new heavy concrete base is required if you do not have an existing one to put your new umbrella in. A strong and durable aluminum frame holds the print on securely. Like other umbrellas, they can be put own when the wind picks up or when the sun is not present.

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“Our branded umbrellas just added the finishing touch to the outside section of our bakery.”
“We were expanding our restaurant and we needed some shade for our new outdoor customers and these looked great.”