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Vehicle Magnets

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Drive and advertise

An extremely popular product car magnets are

Ah, the vehicle magnets. These were a great idea by whomever invented them, unfortunately it was not us but we thank them anyway. A car magnet is a great way to advertise on your vehicle, and why not, you drive around all day. Why not use that time driving as another way of advertising, with traffic these days, I’m sure a lot of people will see them. Car magnets come in various sizes and we recommend you double check your car door before committing to a size. When you want your car back on the weekend you can simply just remove them.

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“Many people have contacted me after seeing me driving around my neighbourhood which is very useful if marketing is not your strong point.”
“We had a contract on a mine and were required to put decals on our vehicles. We didn’t want to stick anything permanent on them so vehicle magnets were a great solution.”